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NFT 2021 word of the year

Collins Dictionary names NFT as 2021 word of the year after meteoric rise in popularity. LONDON — Collins Dictionary has chosen the term NFT as its word of the year after surging interest in digital tokens that can sell for millions of dollars brought it into the mainstream.

NFT is short for non-fungible token.


Within just the first three months of 2021, more than $2 billion worth of NFTs were sold. This was a significant increase compared to the last quarter of 2020, and the figures for NFTs continue to rise – showing potential as an investment opportunity for traders, collectors, and even artists alike.

Sales of NFTs surged to nearly $11 billion in the third quarter of 2021, up more than eightfold from the previous quarter, according to market tracker DappRadar. BUT more than two-thirds of U.S. cryptocurrency investors are men, and about 60% are white, according to a recent survey by CNBC and Acorn, a gender gap that is wider than in other financial investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Women account for just 16% of the NFT art market, according to a report published by the research firm ArtTactic this week, which based its findings on primary and secondary market sales on Nifty Gateway over the past 21 months.

Why W.O.T.M

The crypto world seems to mirror the tech and finance worlds in terms of gender; there are women, but the space is heavily male-dominated,” said Angela Walch, a research associate at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies in London. But while cryptocurrency has drawn younger people, as well as a mix of races, women only make up about a fifth of U.S. investors, the CNBC poll showed. Black women – who historically have been shut out of many investment verticals – make up just 4% of crypto investors.

Women of the Metaverse was created to support women creators in NFTs entering the digital art market in this historical year of 2021. Our first collection, First Ape Wives Club is a homage to the iconic trailblazers and most powerful women of pop culture. FAWC plan to dominate in the ape culture of the metaverse and NFT communities.